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Spheric offers access to best-in-class products & strategies...

...with all the capabilities of a large financial institution... 

...but with the bespoke touch of a personal advisor

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Our Investment Management Services are designed to be your compass in the ever-evolving financial landscape. With a keen eye on your unique goals, we provide expert guidance and tailored strategies to maximize your investment returns while managing risk effectively. Our seasoned advisors offer valuable insights, helping you make informed decisions across various asset classes. 

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We provide expert intelligence on emerging technologies, market trends, and industry best practices. With our in-depth know-how, we guide you through complex tech landscapes, offering strategic advice tailored to your unique needs. Our extensive network grants you privileged access to valuable resources and opportunities, fostering innovation and growth. 

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Our Private Markets Services are your gateway to exclusive investment opportunities in uncharted territory. Whether you are seeking direct investments, venture capital, or private equity, backed by years of experience and a robust network, our experts offer bespoke solutions that align with your financial goals. We provide tailored strategies to ensure your wealth journey is marked by innovation, growth, and diversification.





Aggregation of public strategies from award winning managers, outperforming in their respective vertical and asset class

Consultation with industry-wide specialists and thought-leaders to validate thesis creation and implementation

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Unified, diligent and multi-layered evaluation approach with Spheric Capital Investment Committee approval process

Diversification through bespoke private market strategies sourced through a unique network of founders, accelerators & universities

Investment Strategy

Supported by multiple “best-in-class” Investment Engines across geographies, asset classes & verticals

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